House detail: Condominio Cortina 16

Condominio Cortina 16  --  Via Adriatica, 20 Lignano Sabbiadoro

Apartment situated on the 4th floor of a small house, 600m from the beach, composed of two double bedded rooms, livingroom with kitchen and double sofa, bath room, big balcony, parking place, air conditioning on request, tv. Ace: classe enrgetica G. Epg 427.521 kwh/mq anno.Prestazione Raffrescamento 0 kwh/mq anno. Prestazione Riscaldamento 392.737kwh/mq anno. Ape: classe enrgetica G. Epg 561.734 kwh/mq anno.Epe 2.417 kwh/mq anno. Epi 229.456 kwh/mq anno.

Tipology C  --  5/6 persons. Apartment-2 Bed rooms - Living room with Kitchen - Bath room.


Price not fitted

Require thae availability of this house


Agenzia Vacanze-2001 - Condominio Cortina 16, Lignano Sabbiadoro Agenzia Vacanze-2001 - Condominio Cortina 16, Lignano Sabbiadoro

GPS: 45.6838889, 13.1242833

Vacanze 2001, Lignano Sabbiadoro = position of the house

Require availability of this house

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